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Virginia tobacco

From 1st to 5th grade in form: hand strips and whole leaf.

Virginia leaves are often called as‚ bright tobacco’s because of the golden-yellow to deep-orange color it reaches during curing. Flue-cured leaf is characterized by a high sugar: nitrogen ratio. This ratio is enhanced by the picking of the leaf in an advanced stage of ripeness, and by the unique curing process which allows certain chemical changes to occur in the leaf.

Virginia leaves

Virginia leaves

Virginia strips

Virginia strips

Virginia mini-strips

Virginia mini strips

Burley tobacco

Light and dark varieties

Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco. As a result of air-cured process, the tobacco turns to be intensively brown. Cured burley leaf is characterized by low sugar content and a very low sugar to nitrogen ratio (high nicotine). The leaves are slightly larger than flue-cured and the plants are generally taller. The leaves are stripped after curing.


Burley Dark


Burley light

Oriental and Kentucky

Loose leaf

Oriental tobacco gives a mild smoke with very characteristic aroma.  The leaves are hand primed, normally sewn on a string, and are dull yellow to rich brown in color. The leaves are sun-cured in the open air and stripped after curing.


Tobacco oriental


Tobacco kentucky

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